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Departments - Biuro Projektów Budownictwa Ogólnego Budopol SA
„You can make great things only with great people” – such an opinion arch. Waldemar Hinc heard once about himself.
And it is not exaggerated opinion. Within long-term work for BPBO "Budopol" SA (managinghis team since 1974) this architect with his co-workers took park in creating our surroundung. He has impressed his mark not only in Polish construction, but also abroad.
By his co-operation emerged buildings such as:
-          Bialystok Technical University campus
-         Polish embassy and residential building in Mocow
-         Military University of Technology hotel in Warsaw
-         Inturist hotel and sanatorium in Naltschik (Caucasus)
-          wing “D” of the Prime Ministers Chancellery biulding in Warsaw
-          five sanatoriums in Kolobrzeg
-          Zapalarie sanatorium in Sotchi at Black Sea in Russia
-          PBK bank offices in Pruszkow
-          Judo Hall at University of Phisical Education in Warsaw
-          concert hall for European Center for Promotion regional and National Culture “Matecznik – Mazowsze” in Otrebusy-Karolin near Warsaw
-          hotel and Old-Polish Inn at Mazowsze ensemble abode in Otrebusy-Karolin.
A2 department  designed also modernizations of historical buildings, such as Bristol Hotel and President’s Palace in Warsaw and Belvedere Hotel in Prague.